Sunday, December 27, 2009

Woodchuck Wood Carving Studios located in the beautiful, senic Similameen Valley of Southern British Columbia in the town of Hedley, where wood carving designs, come to life on wood. Here in this photo shows a project being prepared by one of his students, and woodcarving chisels on the shelves in the background. Kasper was self taught in the art of old world carving, and is quite able to prepare anyone of the designs below, into a finish piece and other custom woodcarving designs.

Norse Designs

Welcome to the carving design site for Norse and Celtic designs, that can be used for woodcarving and designing. You are welcome to view all the designs, and from time to time more designs will be added to this file. Enjoy the wonders of design from the old world.
This is one of the designs that I am using to create a carving referred to as a Viking on a horse. The photo located to the side contains myself working on this pieces and another photo below this shows the work in progress. For those that wish to make a print out of the design, please log onto the trwmg site under photo albums and click on the photo that contains the design. You must be a member of this chat room in order to obtain the designs listed in Norse Celtic Designs under picture album option. This site is a supplement from the blog page link below.
Special thanks to Her Highness of Tir Righ August 2009 to Feb 2010 Renee (Connolly Anita) for permission to post the follow Norse designs on this Blog. Blog format and layout prepared by Lady Christiana Elizabeth Constable. Prepared December 28, 2009.